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Using Lycamobile is simple. Just click below to learn more.


You can get started with Lycamobile by following these easy steps:

Insert your Lycamobile SIM card into your mobile and switch it on.
You can now make and receive calls and SMS from your Lycamobile.

Enjoy Lycamobile! If you need assistance refer to the User Guide, check our FAQs or contact our Customer Services.


You can buy Lycamobile top-up vouchers from your local retailer. The voucher will show a PIN either printed on it or underneath a scratch panel.

To top up your balance using your Lycamobile in Sweden, either:

Enter *101*PIN#, press send, or
Dial 3333 (or 92#) and follow the instructions.

To Top-up your Lycamobile whilst you are abroad:

Dial +46734973737 /+46852054977 and follow the instructions

You can also top-up your Lycamobile online here, which is the most convenient way.


You can check your balance at any time.

To check your balance using your Lycamobile in Sweden, either:

Enter *102# (or 95#), press send, and your balance will be shown on your Lycamobile screen, or
Dial 3333 (or 94#) and listen to your balance.

To check your balance while you are abroad:

Dial +46734944444 and follow the instructions.


Your Lycamobile Voicemail service has been automatically activated. Using your Lycamobile voicemail you can:

Listen to messages left for you
Record a personalised welcome message
Select your preferred language
Set your voicemail access code to access your voicemail from other phones
Personalise your voicemail settings

Access your voicemail from your Lycamobile in Sweden

Dial 3331 (or 91#)

Using voicemail when you are abroad

You can check your voicemail when you are abroad. Simply use your Lycamobile to call the voicemail menu and follow the instructions to set up a voicemail access code.
To access your voicemail from abroad:

Dial +46734949494
Follow the instructions to enter your Lycamobile number
Follow the instructions to enter your voicemail access code

How to disable your Voicemail

To deactivate voicemail, dial *186# and follow the instructions on the screen.


You can use Lycamobile Conference Call to talk to up to three people at the same time.

To use Lycamobile Conference Call:

Dial the first destination number
When connected to the first caller, dial the second number
When connected to the second caller, select the “option” button on left side, then select “Conference”.
All three will now be connected.
Repeat the procedure to connect /conference with more people.


To check the rates of the destination you wish to call:

Dial *108*destination number# and press ‘Call’
Visit our rate checker to see the current tariff


To use the mobile internet you need the correct settings on your handset. Call customer service to request the settings. We will send you SMS messages to update your phone’s Internet settings automatically. Make sure you accept this message and save the settings. If you need help, simply call 3332 from your Lyca Mobile.
Click here to view your Mobile Web settings


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