Lyca Mobile Home Account

Home Account

Use your Lyca Mobile balance to make calls from your landline

At Lyca Mobile, we are continuously thinking of how we can give you better service for the best value. The Home Account allows you to use your Lyca Mobile credit balance to call from any landline or mobile by just entering an access code and PIN. Just think, you can give your family members access to Lyca Mobile's great international rates from your home phone and still stay in control by monitoring your credit balance from your Lyca Mobile.

How it works:

  • 1. Call Customer Services on 322 from your Lyca Mobile or 020 7132 0322 from another phone and ask for your Lyca Mobile Home Account access code and PIN
  • 2. We will give you the details immediately and also send them to you via text
  • 3. You are now ready to benefit from Lyca Mobile's great international rates from your home phone as well as your Lyca Mobile
  • 4. The first time you use the account on your home phone you will need to enter the access code and PIN but on all following occasions you will only have to enter the access code
  • 5. You can monitor your account balance by dialling 321 from your Lyca Mobile or by accessing your My Lyca Mobile account online.

Call 322 now to set up your Home Account

How to use?

Simply dial 020 71320111 (standard network charges apply, please check with your provider) or 0800 0120777 (free of charge) from your landline and follow the instructions.


If dialling 020 71320111 - standard Lyca Mobile rate
If dialling 0800 0120777 - Standard Lyca Mobile rate + 1p/min

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