A - Definitions
A1 “we/us/or Lycamobile” shall mean Lycamobile Sweden AB incorporated in the Sweden and having its principal place of business in Sweden

A2 "Lycamobile's systems and networks" shall mean the communications systems and networks utilised by Lycamobile to provide the Service.

A3 "Call" shall mean the establishment of a connection via Lycamobile SIM, systems and networks (inbound or outbound). 

A4 "Charge" shall mean a sum of money owed to Lycamobile as a result of the use of the Service by the Client.

A5 "you/your/ the Client" shall mean the person ordinarily resident in the Sweden using a Lycamobile SIM and includes any person enabled or permitted by the Client to utilise the Service. 

A9 "Service" shall mean the supply by Lycamobile to the Client of national and international telecom communication services via Lycamobile’s systems and networks and includes any other services that Lycamobile provides to the Client from time to time.

A10 "SMS" shall mean the establishment of a Short messaging Service (SMS) via Lycamobile SIM, systems and networks (inbound or outbound).
  Privacy Policy –Lycamobile
This policy applies to personal information held about individuals. It does not apply to information that we hold about companies and other organisations.
Lycamobile puts great importance on the protection of your privacy. This policy explains how we may collect information about you and then use it in order to satisfy your particular needs. It also outlines some of the security measures that we take in order to protect your privacy and gives certain assurances on things that we will not do.

Lycamobile is committed to providing you with a personalised service that meets your needs in a way that safeguards your privacy. When we obtain personal information from you, or when you take a new service from us, you can choose not to receive information from us about other services (to "opt out"). Normally this is done by way of a check box on the screen. You may change your decision at any time by telephoning us, writing to us or emailing us to inform of the change. Some of the personal information that we hold about you may be sensitive personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998 Lycamobile will use your sensitive personal data only for the specific purpose for which it was provided by you.
  Personal Information
Personal Information includes information:

(1) That we obtain from you or already hold about you;

(2) That we receive from enquiries we make in connection with any application to, or agreement with us or any member of the Lycamobile group;

(3) That we receive from searches made by us or any member of the Lycamobile group in your name with credit reference agencies, insurance claims registers or fraud prevention agencies;

(4) That we obtain about any account or policy which you, or a member of your household, holds with or through us; and

(5) That we receive from anyone permitted to give information about you to us or any member of the Lycamobile group.
  Collection of Personal Information
We may collect personal information about you from a number of sources including:

(1) from you when you agree to take a service from us, in which case this may include your contact details, date of birth, payment method (Credit and Debit card) and possibly bank account details;
(2) from you when you contact us with an enquiry or in response to a communication from us, in which case this may tell us something about your preferences;
(3) from publicly available sources, such as the electoral register.

Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information about you for a number of purposes, including:

(1) to help to identify you when you Telephone us to make an enquiry. For example, by asking you for your date of birth or Telephone number so that we can avoid disclosing information to a person who is not authorised by you to receive it;
(2) to write to you (including electronic mail) or to Telephone you (including text messages) with information about other services or products either from us or from our carefully selected partners who may contact you directly with our consent;
(3) to help us to administer accounts, services and products which we offer;
(4) to help detect fraud or loss; Information we hold about you and your preferences will help us to make sure that we contact you about things likely to be of relevance and interest to you. In some circumstances, we may do certain credit checks with licensed credit reference agencies when you apply to take a service or product. If this is applicable then it will be stated in our terms and conditions of business.
  Disclosure of Personal Information
Other companies in the Lycamobile group may use personal information for any of the purposes set out above. This is limited to companies that are related companies to Lycamobile. We do not sell mailing lists to third parties for their marketing purposes. Where we have told you in advance, we may disclose certain information to third parties such as a network service provider for purposes solely connected with the provision of our service via their networks. Where required or permitted by law, information may be provided to others, such as the Police or the Inland Revenue.

Protection of Your Personal Information
We use strict security measures in order to protect personal information. This includes checking your identity when you telephone us, encrypting data on our websites [and other measures] in order to ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements.
  The Internet
If you communicate with us via the Internet then we may occasionally use email to contact you about our services and products. All marketing emails will have an unsubscribe option included in the bottom of the email message.
Additionally, you can always send us an email ( to change your preferences. We use "cookies" to monitor site user traffic patterns and site usage. This helps us to understand how our Clients and potential Clients use our web sites so that we can develop and improve the design, layout and functionality of the sites. A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer's hard drive and which records your navigation of a web site so that, when you revisit that web site it can present tailored options to you based upon the stored information about your last visit.
You can normally alter the settings of your browser to prevent acceptance of cookies.
If you do not want Lycamobile to deploy cookies in your browser, you can set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a web site tries to put a cookie on your computer. However, rejecting cookies may affect your ability to use some of the products and/or services at our website. To turn off cookies in different browsers:

The Internet
In Internet Explorer E- [and EE] : From your browser menu, select "Tools", and then "Internet Options". This will bring up the "Internet Options" Dialogue Box. On the top of the dialogue box, select "Security", then "Custom Level". This will bring up the "Security Settings" box.
Scroll down using the scroll bar on the right hand side of the box, until you come to the section carrying the title "allow cookies to be stored on your computer". Of the options available, select "Disable", and then select the "OK" button on the bottom of the menu box.
In Internet Explorer F-: From your browser menu, select "Tools", and then "Internet Options". This will bring up the "Internet Options" Dialogue Box. On the top of the dialogue box, select "Privacy". This will bring up the "Privacy Settings" box.
On the Privacy tab, move the slider up for a higher level of privacy or down for a lower level of privacy. Move the slider to the top to block cookies from all Web sites.
Following these instructions will stop your computer from accepting cookies in future. You may reconfigure your computer to accept cookies again by following these instructions, but by selecting "Enable", and the "OK" button on the bottom of the menu box (Internet Explorer E- [and E5]); or by selecting the "Default" button (Internet Explorer F-).

In Netscape: First, on your top menu, select "Edit", and then "Preferences". This will bring up the "Preferences" menu box. From the options on the left-hand side, select "Advanced" which will bring up another menu. Half way down, you will see a section on cookies, and if you wish to turn cookies off, you should select "Disable", and then the "OK" button on the bottom of the menu box.
You may reconfigure your computer to accept cookies again by following these instructions, but by selecting "Accept All Cookies," and then selecting the "OK" button on the bottom of the menu box. In Netscape: First, on your top menu, select "Tasks", and then "Privacy & Security". From here you have the option to "block cookies from this site", "un block cookies from this site" or view and remove and prevent cookies from being re-accepted from selected sites.
  Monitoring of calls
We may monitor and record communications we receive. This may be done to improve the service which we provide, to ensure compliance with our practices and procedures and where, for example, a contract is entered into by that shall mean to provide evidence of the transaction.
  More Information
If you would like any further information or have any comments on our Privacy Policy then please write to us or send us an email. We may amend this policy from time to time, in which case the amended version will be posted on our website.
Compliance with Distance Selling Regulations (can also be termed as “Cooling Off Period”) Under the Distance Selling Regulations you have the right to cancel your Service for any voucher/SIM on our website or through our telesales team and claim a full refund of the purchase amount incase the Service is unused and refund of balance credit on account if the Service has been used. Any promotional credit/bonus awarded will not be refunded and will be deducted from the balance credit before payment refund if it has been used. To cancel your order you must notify us within seven [7] working days following the day of purchase. You must claim refund to us as required by these Terms and Conditions
Should you wish to exercise your rights under the Distance Selling Regulations your order may only be cancelled in writing, by fax ( available on the website ) or by e-mail (scanned copy) . For the safety and security of account details, telephone cancellations cannot be accepted. You can contact our Customer Care Dept on 0046734373737
The Service should be cancelled within seven [7] working days from the date we receive your cancellation. If you are unable to send your cancellation requests to us within seven [7] working days you must contact us as mentioned above. We are not obliged to accept the cancellation of the services unless covered by the Distance Selling Regulations as outlined above and you have notified us of cancellation in writing within seven [7] days of delivery, except where the Service is faulty or wrongly described before sale.
K- Client Personal Information
K1) Information you provide or we hold (whether or not under this Agreement) may be used by us, our employees and/or agents and/or other authorised parties to:
(a) identify you when you make Telephone enquiries;
(b) help administer any Accounts, the Service and other services and products offered by the Lycamobile group and its selected partners now or in the future;
(c) help to detect fraud, loss or criminal activity; and
(d) write to, or telephone, you with information about other services and products offered by us and our carefully selected partners.
K2) We may also disclose your information to other companies in the Lycamobile group and to our partners for any of the purposes set out above. A list of the companies and our partners is available on request.
K3) In order to tell you about discounts and offers that may be available, we will process information about your use of the Lycamobile and of the Service, including the time you make calls and frequently called numbers.
K4) In connection with this Agreement we may carry out credit and fraud prevention checks with one or more licensed credit reference and fraud prevention agencies and they will retain a copy of the search. Information from your application and payment details of your account will be recorded with one or more of these agencies and may be shared with other organisations to help make credit and insurance decisions about you and members of your household and for debt collection and fraud prevention purposes. This includes those who have moved house and are in default.
K5) If you provide false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this. Lycamobile and other credit organisations may use and search the records referred to in clause
(a) to make decisions on credit or credit-related services for you and other members of your household;
(b) for debt collection, fraud prevention and management of your Lycamobile; and
(c) to check your identity to prevent money laundering unless other satisfactory proof of identity is provided. If you require details of those credit reference and fraud prevention agencies from which we obtain and with which we record information about you, then please contact us.
L- Call Records
L1) Lycamobile does not issue itemised call records. You may inspect your call record via our web site as described on our website or by the customer services. Any request for itemised records should be sent via e-mail or by post to Lycamobile and may incur charges depending on the request made.
L2)The charges will be explained by the customer services or via e-mail before sending the request information. The call records would then be sent after the customer accepts the charges and received by Lycamobile.
L3)You accept that any supply of the Service to any person making telephone calls from your Lycamobile is deemed to be authorised by you and that you must pay any Charges arising out of that use unless you let us know at the first reasonable opportunity if you discover that someone is using your Lycamobile without your permission.
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