Seamless Communication on a Budget: How Lyca Smart L Plan Keeps You Connected!

1 September, 2023 by Sachin Kumar
Seamless Communication on a Budget: How Lyca Smart L Plan Keeps You Connected!
Seamless Communication on a Budget: How Lyca Smart L Plan Keeps You Connected!

Hey there, fellow Swedes! Are you tired of those hefty mobile bills while struggling to stay connected? Well, worry no more, because we have some fantastic news that will keep you smiling and your wallet happy! Lyca Mobile, the superhero of affordable mobile plans, has just unveiled its impressive 'Lyca Smart L Plan', designed exclusively for our tech-savvy and budget-conscious friends. So, sit back, relax, and let us dive into the world of seamless communication with this fantastic plan! 

Introducing Lyca Smart L Plan - The Gateway to Savings! 

Picture this: you are scrolling down through your favorite social media feed, sharing amusing memes, and staying connected with friends and family, all without worrying about exceeding your data limits or draining your bank account. With Lyca Smart L Plan, this dream becomes a reality!

Unveiling the incredible plan benefits!

This plan is a true game-changer, loaded with features that will make your communication seamless! Check out the mind-blowing benefits that come with the Lyca Smart L Plan: 

1. 8 GB National Data:Never miss a beat with a whopping 8 GB of high-speed data for all your internet needs. From video streaming to video calls, this generous data allowance has you covered. 

2. Free calls & SMS in Sweden:Unleash limitless connections with your loved ones all over Sweden. No bounds, no limits—just uninterrupted conversations. Call and text to your heart's content. 

3. 100 International Bonus Mins 45 countries:Stay in touch with friends abroad without a worry! Visit our website to learn more about the 45 countries included. 

4. 100 Mins to Lyca Mobile in Ukraine & Kyivstar:Have friends or family in Ukraine? Connect with them easily using 100 minutes allocated to calls on Lyca Mobile and Kyivstar networks. 

5. 25 Mins to Other Ukraine Networks:Reach out to other networks in Ukraine with 25 additional minutes. 

6. EU, UK and Swiss Roaming:Enjoy 8GB of data across the EU and an additional 4GB in the UK and Switzerland. Stay connected wherever you go.

Choose your plan duration - customize your savings!

Lyca Mobile understands that one size does not fit all, which is why they offer flexible plan durations to suit your needs. Check out the various options available and the incredible savings you can make:

Choose your plan duration
30 DaysSave 49.5 kr99kr49.50kr
3 monthsSave 72 kr297kr225kr
6 monthsSave 164 kr594kr430kr
12 monthsSave 388 kr1188kr800kr

Try Lyca Smart L today! Order your SIM Online and save up to 50% 


Let the savings begin!

Who does not love the thrill of saving money? With Lyca Smart L Plan, you can keep more cash in your pocket without compromising on communication. Whether you choose the 30-day plan, the 3-month option, the 6-month package, or the 12-month deal, you are in for some serious savings!

  • For the 30-day plan, save 49.5 kr - nearly half the regular price! Treat yourself or maybe grab those concert tickets!
  • Opt for the 3-month plan to save a generous 72 kr - like getting a bonus every three months!
  • The 6-month plan means saving a whopping 164 kr for that dream weekend getaway!
  • And for the long haul, the 12-month plan offers incredible savings of 388 kr! Invest or treat yourself!

No matter which plan duration you choose, Lyca Smart L Plan ensures you stay connected with its fantastic features, including 8GB National Data, free national calls and SMS, 100 International Bonus Mins, and EU, UK and Swiss Roaming.


Join the Lyca Mobile family today!

It's time to say goodbye to those pricey plans that weigh you down and embrace the freedom and savings offered by Lyca Smart L Plan. Stay connected effortlessly and experience seamless communication like never before. Join the Lyca Mobile family and become a part of the budget-friendly revolution! 

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the Lyca Mobile website or visit a store near you to grab this amazing plan and unlock a world of unlimited possibilities. Trust us, your wallet and your loved ones will thank you!

Remember, staying connected does not have to break the bank, and with Lyca Smart L Plan, you get the best of both worlds! 

Happy chatting and streaming!